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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Timber Timbre by Timber Timbre

Total Rating:90% -A
# of track list x 10/ track rating added up = overall score.  

Track List                         Duration         Track Rating /10

  1. "Demon Host"                   3:38             10
  2. "Lay Down in the Tall Grass"   5:36             8
  3. "Until the Night is Over"      3:59             10
  4. "Magic Arrow"                  6:04             10
  5. "We'll Find Out"               2:38             8
  6. "I Get Low"                    5:10             8
  7. "Trouble Comes Knocking"       5:26             10
  8. "No Bold Villain"              3:52             8
Track Descriptions
"Demon Host"
Such a beautiful song. 
"I was on the fence and I never wanted your two cents
Down my throat in the pit, with my head upon the spit
Oh reverend please can I chew your ear? I have become what I most fear
And I know there’s no such thing as ghosts but I have seen the demon host…
"Lay Down in the Tall Grass"
I love the voice of Taylor Kirk. Sounds like a 1950's circus. 
"Will you beg for forgiveness?
Will you pray to be saved?
Will you choke your children when they spit in your face?
"Until the Night is Over"
1960's pop music. 
"Magic Arrow"
South western guitars. 
"And you saw it from that vantage point
Perimeter scratched on the nation's native hide
And we saw those christian clippers glide
Over white caps and white sails and hide
Over white knuckles
And you were fine till you saw the pale horse ride
Open up it's gape across the ocean floor
You were fine till you saw the white rider take
And take some more
"We'll Find Out"
"You hide nothing
Just believe it
We all see it
"I Get Low"
That old blues sound. 
"In the palm of my hand
An empire summoned
As if it was born
All substance crumbled"

"Trouble Comes Knocking"
 Blues, new psych western rock. 
"Out of the purple woods
From a season in hell
Off the human dawn
There was nothing left
But you pulled me out
From beneath the wheel
With a cry in the name
We began to heal
"No Bold Villain"
Reminds me of Deadwood.


Lizzy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...nice rating system you've developed here. I'll be back :)

Mad Mike Brewing said...

Thanks for sharing I will have to check this album out.

G said...

good review - love the artwork with this one

Heaven. said...

Nice :)

T. Roger Thomas said...

I might give this a listen.

BragonDorn said...

Sounds like something I could get into.

BragonDorn said...

Sounds like something I could get into.

lmaoitsjesus said...

Will listen some time

Anonymous said...

I can't pronounce the name. :(

Alex Rowe said...

"Timbre Timbre" by Timbre Timbre just sounds silly. But I'll still check it out.

blaza1 said...

Great stuff! I'll go check it out :)

Melanie said...

Very nice...thank you!!

darpee said...

Sweet, thanks