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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Track              Duration      Track Rating /10
1.  Puritan        2:56          10
2. Harsh Realm     2:47          10
3. Nightcrawlers   2:53          10
4. In the Pines    3:50          10
5. Limbs           3:27          10
6. Gun Shy         3:54          10
7. Hard Times      2:59          10   
8. Fir Coat        2:38          10
9. Half Awake      3:03          10  
10. Ghost Boy      4:44          10
11. Brain Freeze   3:13          10
12. Burn Out       2:31          10
Track Description:
Upbeat song the reminds my of Yuck if they were throwing up sunshine.
1960's Western Rock with a psychic Indian feel.
"In the Pines"
Riding on a 4wheeler in the forest at night drinking moonshine. Stepping off bus in San Fransisco.   Tarantino would love it. 
"What to do with everyday? What to do with working limbs? So he told me sink or swim. I did what he said, went underwater instead. Everything looks the same, everything looks the same."
"Hard Times"  
Rough time melancholia worlds colliding ink tears burning darkly. Trapped in the washing machine.
"Fir Coat"  
Sunshine in the 70's at the beach in San Fransisco. The way women look first thing in the morning with crazy bed hair. It's a great day to wake up to.
"Brain Freeze"
Combine a hang over with a brain freeze and this is what you get in the desert that is Brooklyn.
Rating:  90% -A
Track                Duration        Rating /10
1. Gun Shy           3:53            10
2. Wicked Game       4:53            8       
Track Description
"Gun Shy"
The surf rock of birds. "You are still the wild one, what is it you are running from."
"Wicked Game (Chris Isaac cover)"
A pretty interesting cover.

Rating: 100% +A
Track            Duration                Rating /10
1. Harsh Realm   2:47                    10
2. Burnout       2:31                    10
"Harsh Realm"
Arguably their best song. It will get in your mental museum and throw ink and black paint all over your paintings.  They'll smoke and put their cigarettes out on your canvas. It adds texture.
Greasy hair, you haven't bathed in days you smell like weed, hookah and sex. Let's go get crepes and ride a carrousel.

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