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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zeroes QC by Suuns

Total Rating:100% +A
Track List               Duration                  Track Rating /10
1.Armed For Peace        3:37                      10
2.Gaze                   3:57                      10
3.Arena                  5:12                      10
4.Pie IX                 3:16                      10
5.Marauder               1:50                      10
6.Sweet Nothing          7:03                      10
7.Up Past the Nursery    3:23                      10
8.PVC                    3:40                      10
9.Fear                   1:58                      10
10.Organ Blues           3:45                      10

Track Descriptions
This album grew on me like cancer. I had to listen to it at least 5 times in order fully understand it. I usually rate songs that you can dance to higher than others. I'm a closet fan of pop that has soul. When I say pop: think of songs that sound good but aren't pretentious. The Beatles are pop, Justin Bieber isn't, he is popular but not everyone can appreciate him. Pop to me is: something everyone can enjoy listening to. This alum is very unique. It is a joy to listen to. The more I hear the more I love it.

"Armed For Peace"
I like the distorted synth it's Atari meets blues. I can honestly say I have never heard anything like this before. I love expanding my understanding of music. Big ups to Nietzschesorphan for the heads up on this band. You rock, man.
Reminds me of the Flaming Lips. "Don't you be yourself, you are someone else." Makes me think of a good Interpol.
Mario vs Bowser in a dance off. Interpol/Franz Ferdinand. Roller Industrial Rock. 
"Pie IX"
It has a raw distorted simplistic minimalistic synthesized sound. It gets into your brain and won't leave; it will tickle your skull. If you like Jack White imagine taking his little solos and making a song out of that and adding a synthesizer.
Violent dancing, rockabilly with synthesizers.
"Sweet Nothing"
It's like running from the cops while sirens go off. It's like Beck if Beck was imitating LCD Soundsystem on a Tarantino soundtrack. It's a very unique sound.
"Up Past the Nursery"
Feels Swedish, Lykke Li would love these guys.  Reminds me of Bear in Heaven, so good. I want to see these guys live. A sublime merry-go-round. Possibly my favorite song on this album.
A beat you can dance to. This is how rock is supposed to sound. Astral blues like Interpol, but way better. 
A sweet soft song...about fear? I can see this being used in a quality independent film.
"Organ Blues"
Arcade Fire would be proud. They can tear sound waves. A love song...


Iven Y said...

Never listened to the album, but considering checking it out after your review! Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have to listen to this!

DanRobitzski said...

good stuff. following.

Pytr0nix said...

nice review

following ++1

Teeeha said...

sounds good, thanks!


BragonDorn said...

Great track list!

T. Roger Thomas said...

I like it- every track is a ten.

Also, I'm at the top of the list of frequent visitors! Who would have guessed that would be so exciting?

Baur said...

Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Wow - It's great that you

love the album as much I do.

I can't stop playing it!

I think it's terrible that it has

been overlooked by most of the top

music magazines and webzines.

I discovered it through the NME.

Thanks too for the kind compliment

I truly appreciate it.

Have a great weekend.



sonnema said...

good stuff, im following!:)