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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Return to blogger?

I'll make a new blog on a new account and I'll refer you to it. I don't know why it was banned? Maybe I was adding too many people each day? I was on college break so that is all I did in my free time. I don't know.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Track              Duration      Track Rating /10
1.  Puritan        2:56          10
2. Harsh Realm     2:47          10
3. Nightcrawlers   2:53          10
4. In the Pines    3:50          10
5. Limbs           3:27          10
6. Gun Shy         3:54          10
7. Hard Times      2:59          10   
8. Fir Coat        2:38          10
9. Half Awake      3:03          10  
10. Ghost Boy      4:44          10
11. Brain Freeze   3:13          10
12. Burn Out       2:31          10
Track Description:
Upbeat song the reminds my of Yuck if they were throwing up sunshine.
1960's Western Rock with a psychic Indian feel.
"In the Pines"
Riding on a 4wheeler in the forest at night drinking moonshine. Stepping off bus in San Fransisco.   Tarantino would love it. 
"What to do with everyday? What to do with working limbs? So he told me sink or swim. I did what he said, went underwater instead. Everything looks the same, everything looks the same."
"Hard Times"  
Rough time melancholia worlds colliding ink tears burning darkly. Trapped in the washing machine.
"Fir Coat"  
Sunshine in the 70's at the beach in San Fransisco. The way women look first thing in the morning with crazy bed hair. It's a great day to wake up to.
"Brain Freeze"
Combine a hang over with a brain freeze and this is what you get in the desert that is Brooklyn.
Rating:  90% -A
Track                Duration        Rating /10
1. Gun Shy           3:53            10
2. Wicked Game       4:53            8       
Track Description
"Gun Shy"
The surf rock of birds. "You are still the wild one, what is it you are running from."
"Wicked Game (Chris Isaac cover)"
A pretty interesting cover.

Rating: 100% +A
Track            Duration                Rating /10
1. Harsh Realm   2:47                    10
2. Burnout       2:31                    10
"Harsh Realm"
Arguably their best song. It will get in your mental museum and throw ink and black paint all over your paintings.  They'll smoke and put their cigarettes out on your canvas. It adds texture.
Greasy hair, you haven't bathed in days you smell like weed, hookah and sex. Let's go get crepes and ride a carrousel.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Timber Timbre by Timber Timbre

Total Rating:90% -A
# of track list x 10/ track rating added up = overall score.  

Track List                         Duration         Track Rating /10

  1. "Demon Host"                   3:38             10
  2. "Lay Down in the Tall Grass"   5:36             8
  3. "Until the Night is Over"      3:59             10
  4. "Magic Arrow"                  6:04             10
  5. "We'll Find Out"               2:38             8
  6. "I Get Low"                    5:10             8
  7. "Trouble Comes Knocking"       5:26             10
  8. "No Bold Villain"              3:52             8
Track Descriptions
"Demon Host"
Such a beautiful song. 
"I was on the fence and I never wanted your two cents
Down my throat in the pit, with my head upon the spit
Oh reverend please can I chew your ear? I have become what I most fear
And I know there’s no such thing as ghosts but I have seen the demon host…
"Lay Down in the Tall Grass"
I love the voice of Taylor Kirk. Sounds like a 1950's circus. 
"Will you beg for forgiveness?
Will you pray to be saved?
Will you choke your children when they spit in your face?
"Until the Night is Over"
1960's pop music. 
"Magic Arrow"
South western guitars. 
"And you saw it from that vantage point
Perimeter scratched on the nation's native hide
And we saw those christian clippers glide
Over white caps and white sails and hide
Over white knuckles
And you were fine till you saw the pale horse ride
Open up it's gape across the ocean floor
You were fine till you saw the white rider take
And take some more
"We'll Find Out"
"You hide nothing
Just believe it
We all see it
"I Get Low"
That old blues sound. 
"In the palm of my hand
An empire summoned
As if it was born
All substance crumbled"

"Trouble Comes Knocking"
 Blues, new psych western rock. 
"Out of the purple woods
From a season in hell
Off the human dawn
There was nothing left
But you pulled me out
From beneath the wheel
With a cry in the name
We began to heal
"No Bold Villain"
Reminds me of Deadwood.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Science Deluxe Edition by Tv on the Radio

Total Rating: 81% -B
Track List               Duration                  Track Rating /10
1.Halfway Home           5:32                      9
2.Crying                 4:11                      10
3.Dancing Choose         2:56                      7
4.Stork & Owl            4:02                      10
5.Golden Age             4:12                      10
6.Family Tree            5:34                      10
7.Red Dress              4:25                      9
8.Love Dog               5:37                      7
9.Shout Me Out           4:16                      8
10.Dlz                   3:49                      10
11.Lover's Day           5:54                      8
12.Untitled              4:01                      0
13.Make Love All Night Long          3:32          8
14.Heroic Dose                       7:18          10
15.Dancing Choose (Prefuse 73 Remix) 3:49          7
16.Crying (Telepathe Remix)          4:29          7

Track Descriptions
"Halfway Home"
Space rock a better version of Phil Collins.
Reminds me of Hot Chip. I was going to rate this a 9 but, upon listening to it a third time, I realized how great it is.
"Dancing Choose"
Architecture in Helsinki. If it would have been harder, I would have liked it.
"Stork & Owl"
Beautiful song of the night. Gorgeous.
"Golden Age"
Exactly what the name means: fusion jazz.  Reminds of LCD Soundsystem's "Get Innocuous".
"Family Tree"
Art. Violin from Cold Play's "Viva La Vida".  
"There's a hundred hearts soar free
Pumping blood to the roots of evil to keep it young
"Red Dress"
Jazz dance music.
"Love Dog"
Early morning late night song.
"Shout Me Out"
Experimental rock. 

The Best song on this album. Dark electronic rock. 
"You force your fire then you falsify your deeds
Your methods dot the disconnect from all your creeds
And fortune strives to fill the vacuum that it feeds
But this is beginning to feel like the dog's lost her lead

"Lover's Day"
It sounds like a holiday.
There isn't anything there.
"Making Love All Night Long"
80's love song, an attempt at Prince. 
"Heroic Dose"
French, fusion jazz. 
"Dancing Choose (Prefuse 73 Remix)"
Don't like it.
"Crying (Telepathe Remix)" 
I prefer the original. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zeroes QC by Suuns

Total Rating:100% +A
Track List               Duration                  Track Rating /10
1.Armed For Peace        3:37                      10
2.Gaze                   3:57                      10
3.Arena                  5:12                      10
4.Pie IX                 3:16                      10
5.Marauder               1:50                      10
6.Sweet Nothing          7:03                      10
7.Up Past the Nursery    3:23                      10
8.PVC                    3:40                      10
9.Fear                   1:58                      10
10.Organ Blues           3:45                      10

Track Descriptions
This album grew on me like cancer. I had to listen to it at least 5 times in order fully understand it. I usually rate songs that you can dance to higher than others. I'm a closet fan of pop that has soul. When I say pop: think of songs that sound good but aren't pretentious. The Beatles are pop, Justin Bieber isn't, he is popular but not everyone can appreciate him. Pop to me is: something everyone can enjoy listening to. This alum is very unique. It is a joy to listen to. The more I hear the more I love it.

"Armed For Peace"
I like the distorted synth it's Atari meets blues. I can honestly say I have never heard anything like this before. I love expanding my understanding of music. Big ups to Nietzschesorphan for the heads up on this band. You rock, man.
Reminds me of the Flaming Lips. "Don't you be yourself, you are someone else." Makes me think of a good Interpol.
Mario vs Bowser in a dance off. Interpol/Franz Ferdinand. Roller Industrial Rock. 
"Pie IX"
It has a raw distorted simplistic minimalistic synthesized sound. It gets into your brain and won't leave; it will tickle your skull. If you like Jack White imagine taking his little solos and making a song out of that and adding a synthesizer.
Violent dancing, rockabilly with synthesizers.
"Sweet Nothing"
It's like running from the cops while sirens go off. It's like Beck if Beck was imitating LCD Soundsystem on a Tarantino soundtrack. It's a very unique sound.
"Up Past the Nursery"
Feels Swedish, Lykke Li would love these guys.  Reminds me of Bear in Heaven, so good. I want to see these guys live. A sublime merry-go-round. Possibly my favorite song on this album.
A beat you can dance to. This is how rock is supposed to sound. Astral blues like Interpol, but way better. 
A sweet soft song...about fear? I can see this being used in a quality independent film.
"Organ Blues"
Arcade Fire would be proud. They can tear sound waves. A love song...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Champ - Tokyo Police Club

Total Rating: 92% -A

Track List            Duration                   Track Rating /10
1. "Favourite Food"   3:55                       8   
2. "Favourite Colour" 2:38                       8
3."Breakneck Speed"   3:44                       10
4. "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)"  3:08             9       
5. "Bambi"            2:44                       9
6. "End of a Spark"   3:37                       8
7. "Hands Reversed"   3:19                       10         
8. "Gone"             3:04                       10    
9. "Big Difference"   2:57                       10
10. "Not Sick"        2:56                       9               
11. "Frankenstein"    3:29                       10

Track Descriptions
"Favourite Food"

It sounds like Folk art rock."Another day another girl"
"Favourite Colour"

A nice song.

"Breakneck Speed"

My favourite song on this album.Sounds like art-rock. "I always skip the words because the pictures are so bright and loud." "Super fun, at the movies drunk and young. Double knots that came undone, but the big bad years are done. Yeah the big bad years are done away, I remember when our voices used to sound the exact same, now we just translate." 

"Wait Up (Boots of Danger)"

It's a pretty good song, it could be better somehow. "Making up for lost time, making it with me." 


Cool clicking song with short synth paper kites flying in black and white sunshine.  

"End of a Spark"

It's ok.

"Hands Reversed"

I love it. Peaceful song.


A song about going to the beach, it's upbeat and great. 

"Big Difference"

"'Cause I've been taking your advice Like a speak and spell But I could get to know you better And never know you well."
"Not Sick"

almost great.


Great song. "A gold star turns black." "The nuclear whim with the fuse of a mile."