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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Champ - Tokyo Police Club

Total Rating: 92% -A

Track List            Duration                   Track Rating /10
1. "Favourite Food"   3:55                       8   
2. "Favourite Colour" 2:38                       8
3."Breakneck Speed"   3:44                       10
4. "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)"  3:08             9       
5. "Bambi"            2:44                       9
6. "End of a Spark"   3:37                       8
7. "Hands Reversed"   3:19                       10         
8. "Gone"             3:04                       10    
9. "Big Difference"   2:57                       10
10. "Not Sick"        2:56                       9               
11. "Frankenstein"    3:29                       10

Track Descriptions
"Favourite Food"

It sounds like Folk art rock."Another day another girl"
"Favourite Colour"

A nice song.

"Breakneck Speed"

My favourite song on this album.Sounds like art-rock. "I always skip the words because the pictures are so bright and loud." "Super fun, at the movies drunk and young. Double knots that came undone, but the big bad years are done. Yeah the big bad years are done away, I remember when our voices used to sound the exact same, now we just translate." 

"Wait Up (Boots of Danger)"

It's a pretty good song, it could be better somehow. "Making up for lost time, making it with me." 


Cool clicking song with short synth paper kites flying in black and white sunshine.  

"End of a Spark"

It's ok.

"Hands Reversed"

I love it. Peaceful song.


A song about going to the beach, it's upbeat and great. 

"Big Difference"

"'Cause I've been taking your advice Like a speak and spell But I could get to know you better And never know you well."
"Not Sick"

almost great.


Great song. "A gold star turns black." "The nuclear whim with the fuse of a mile." 


Stormylol said...

Thanks for the comment. This isn't really my kind of thing but great blog even so! Following :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

I like the title of your blog.

I will listen to The Tokyo Police Club.

Maybe you know the album by The Suuns

Zeroes QC - if you haven't - check it out.

Thank you for your comment.



Sub-Radar-Mike said...

I love me some TPC, nice review.

G said...

nice review - following

Baur said...

neat blog following

T. Roger Thomas said...

Off to listen to Breakneck Speed