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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Science Deluxe Edition by Tv on the Radio

Total Rating: 81% -B
Track List               Duration                  Track Rating /10
1.Halfway Home           5:32                      9
2.Crying                 4:11                      10
3.Dancing Choose         2:56                      7
4.Stork & Owl            4:02                      10
5.Golden Age             4:12                      10
6.Family Tree            5:34                      10
7.Red Dress              4:25                      9
8.Love Dog               5:37                      7
9.Shout Me Out           4:16                      8
10.Dlz                   3:49                      10
11.Lover's Day           5:54                      8
12.Untitled              4:01                      0
13.Make Love All Night Long          3:32          8
14.Heroic Dose                       7:18          10
15.Dancing Choose (Prefuse 73 Remix) 3:49          7
16.Crying (Telepathe Remix)          4:29          7

Track Descriptions
"Halfway Home"
Space rock a better version of Phil Collins.
Reminds me of Hot Chip. I was going to rate this a 9 but, upon listening to it a third time, I realized how great it is.
"Dancing Choose"
Architecture in Helsinki. If it would have been harder, I would have liked it.
"Stork & Owl"
Beautiful song of the night. Gorgeous.
"Golden Age"
Exactly what the name means: fusion jazz.  Reminds of LCD Soundsystem's "Get Innocuous".
"Family Tree"
Art. Violin from Cold Play's "Viva La Vida".  
"There's a hundred hearts soar free
Pumping blood to the roots of evil to keep it young
"Red Dress"
Jazz dance music.
"Love Dog"
Early morning late night song.
"Shout Me Out"
Experimental rock. 

The Best song on this album. Dark electronic rock. 
"You force your fire then you falsify your deeds
Your methods dot the disconnect from all your creeds
And fortune strives to fill the vacuum that it feeds
But this is beginning to feel like the dog's lost her lead

"Lover's Day"
It sounds like a holiday.
There isn't anything there.
"Making Love All Night Long"
80's love song, an attempt at Prince. 
"Heroic Dose"
French, fusion jazz. 
"Dancing Choose (Prefuse 73 Remix)"
Don't like it.
"Crying (Telepathe Remix)" 
I prefer the original. 


G said...

Great name for a band....nice review

Anonymous said...

I have this record - it's great.

'Love Dog' is my favourite track.

I have another album tip, it's not as hot

as The Suuns, but it's good album -

The English Riviera by Metronomy.



darpee said...

Some cool music here

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I'm new to your blog, nice information though!:D

darpee said...

Some good tracks, thanks

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

I was alllll over this album when it first came out, TVOTR is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Seems nice.

Cross said...

Great blog, awesome and well thought out reviews. Followed

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They're new to me

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I might give this a listen.

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Film Geek Bastard said...

TV on the Radio is a band I've been hearing good things about. I need to try out their stuff.

Cranky and Difficult said...

TV on the Radio is one my favorite bands, great selection!

Baur said...

Neat blog folloinwg :)))